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The Genealogy Library

Since the Carroll County Museum moved from the third floor of the Courthouse to it's present location on the ground floor (west side of the building), it has grown by approximately 90%. The Genealogy department was added after the move in 1973 and is now a vital part of the Museum.

Of the 85 cemeteries in Carroll Co., more than 90% of these have been indexed; all but 7 of the 85 are in book form (unpublished) here in the Museum. Records from the Health Dept., local Funeral Homes, the county clerk's marriage applications (or licenses), have been recorded and indexed. Several county newspapers have been and are being "searched" for death notices, births and other pertinent information. Since the Museum was moved in 1973, Phyllis Moore, the Curator, began the expansion of the Museum and started the Genealogy department. Thousands of records have been acquired and recorded for access to the public. Our Carroll County, Indiana Historical Museum is open to the public 36 hours a week for genealogy research and currently contains the following materials: * Over 3,000 books
* Over 150 file drawers of index cards
* 52 file drawers of family files and documents
* 13,000+ scanned, catalogued and preserved photographs
* 14,000 photographs available for viewing on our website
* 14 file drawers of microfilm (census records and newspapers)
* Over 147,420 obituaries
* Bound volumes of older newspapers
* CD collections of genealogy material
* Numerous original ledgers, booklets, documents and artifacts
Birth Records
Birth Records: 1921 - 1978 Published
Birth Records: 1882-1990 in card file
Census Records
Index - 1840 Federal Population Census - Indiana (1975)
1880 Census for all of United States by name
Micro-film IM Census Records: Carroll County and surrounding counties
1830 - 1920 G book form census 1807 - 1860 State of Indiana
Census: Book Form for IN, KY, MD, NC, OH, PA, TN, VA, etc.
City Directory
Delphi/Directions Newsletter
Fall 1993 thru Spring 1999, 1887-1888
Computer Records
LDS Family Search - Soc. Sec. - IGIG - Misc. CDs
Wills from 1828 - 1999
Marriages from 1828-1999
Death Records from 1828-2004
Birth Records
Family Tree Maker Records
Ancestory Plus
Ancestory .com
New England States as well as GA, VA, PA, KY, MD, NC
Death Records
Misc. records from Death Records: 1921-1979 Published Death Records: 1882-1995 in card file
Funeral Home records from the entire county - card file Our ancestors at rest booklet listing the Locales of the county cemeteries.
Deeds/Mortgage Documents/Land Grants/Wills
Index and abstract of deeds
Church Records
Quaker Records In.,Ga., MI., OH., PA.,NC & NJ
Vindicators from the 1870-thru the present (Old German Baptist Brethren)
Histories of Area County Churchs
Brethren Encyclopedia - from beginning through 1983
Our Spiritual Family Tree - History of the Burlington Brethren Church
History of Many Other Area Churches - and memorabilia from Christian Church in Burrows Station 1843-1946
Historic Photographs
The Carroll County Sesquicentennial Publication 1824-2828-1974-1978
Pictorial History of Carroll Co., In. (June 1977)
13,000+ scanned, catalogued and preserved photographs
10,000 photgraphs available for viewing on our website
Maps and Atlases
Map of Carroll Co., In. 1863
Maps of Indiana counties in 1876, together wiht the plat map of Indianapolis
1874 Landowners Atlas by O.L.Baskin
1919 Landowners Atlas by The Delphi Journal and Then Hoosier Democrat
1939 Farm Plat Book by Joseph L. Brown
Historical Appendix containing information from Early Gazetteers, the 1876 Indiana Atlas and Old Photographs
1880 Census for whole United States indexed - every name on the census for the whole United States
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of In. 1876
Marriage Records
Marriages: 1828-1850 Published
Marriages: 1850-1992
Marriages: 1882-1992 with parents names & where marriage took place, etc. (Card file)
Marriages: 1921-1983 typed into book form, not published
Delphi Journal 1859 -1958
Camden Adviser 1970-1971
Camden Expositor 1880-1917
Camden Record News 1918-1946
Carroll Co. Citizen Times 1893-1924
14 file drawers of microfilm (census records and microfilm)
Carroll Co., In. Death Records 1921-1979
Carroll Co. Rural Organizations
History of Carroll Co., In. 1916
Delphi Citizen 1924-1960
Carroll Co. Comet 1978-1981
Delphi Times 1875 - 1900
Delphi Weekly Times 1849 - 1898
Flora Enterprise Sentinel 1904-1905
Flora Sentinel 1896-1897
Fountain City Enterprise (Flora) 1898-1902
Hoosier Democrat (Flora) 1893-1974
Watchman (Connersville, In.) 5-31-1834-1835
WPA Index, Names of person and of firms in Carroll Co., In.
Pleasant Run Congregation Session Records
Microfilm Records
Federal Census - Carroll Co. plus most other counties as well as some states 1830-1930
Funeral Homes
Newspapers from 1840s - present
Misc. records
Over 52 file drawers of family files and documents
Civil War Records
Newspapers from 1840s - present
Our ancestors at rest booklet listing the Locations of the county cemeteries
Numberous Original ledgers, booklets, documents and artifacts
Over 3,000 books and documents
Bound volumes of older newspapers
Newspapers from 1840s-1995
Newspapers from Delphi (most issues) from 1880s to present
Property Transaction Records
Carroll Co., In. - Tract Book 1 - 1825-1841
Quaker Records In.,Ga., MI., OH., PA.,NC & NC
Vindiators from the 1870-thru the present
Tax Records
Carroll County, In. - 1845 Tax List
Other Information
Revolutionary War Pension Files
Index to War of 1812 Pension Files
Index to Old Wars Pension Files 1815-1926
Index to Volunteer Soldiers 1815-1858 Vol. I. and II.
Index of Mexican War Pension Files
Lineage of National Society of the Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims Vol. I and II
Wills Index for the state of Indiana 1818 - 1880
WILLS 1828 - 1992 (every name) card file & Probates

Yes, we can help you with information requests for relations who lived in the Carroll County area. We charge a ten dollar donation for help with your search. If you require information from County Clerk, Health Department, or others who have additional charges for accessing their records, it is ten dollars plus any additional fees incurred. Any additional donation beyond these amounts is greatly appreciated, and goes to the museum to help us improve our programs.

Now Available!

Carroll County Historical Museum Is Pleased to Offer More Than Thirty Genealogy Databases Online...  

After several years of preparation, the Carroll County Historical Museum is presenting a significant addition to its web site.  A new link on the left will take you to the more than thirty searchable genealogy databases.  All are searchable simultaneously or each may be searched individually.  Before you search the first time, you will need to register as a user.The first databases include the an early tax list and censuses, indexes to several local history books, indexes to numerous plat maps and a tract book for land records, records of several school enumerations, marriages, wills, and cemetery, obituary, and death records.  These files can be used as an adjunct to the Photo Archive which has been available for some time.

Presentation of these files is made possible by thousands of hours of work by many volunteers and museum personnel as well as support from several grants.  Among the granting agencies are the Carroll County Community Foundation, Deer Creek Township in Carroll County, Cinergy Foundation, REMC Operation Round Up, Indiana Packers Corporation, the Carroll County Historical Society, and most notably, the Institute of Museum and Library Services.  IMLS is the agency which disseminates Federal support for museums and libraries.  The Carroll County Historical Museum received one of their prestigious Museums for America grants in 2006.  Thanks to all these agencies and individuals, a significant body of genealogical information is being made available.

Please try the Genealogy Databases link and let us know what you think

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