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  • These products are protected by copyright law and are Copyright 2002 by the Carroll County Historical Museum.
  • This database, including text and digital images, are provided only for educational purposes and printing of these image files is authorized only for reference and research.
  • The images are not to be published, exhibited, sold or placed in another repository, archive or library without the written permission of the Carroll County Historical Museum.. Any materials used for academic research or otherwise, should be fully credited with the source.
  • The accuracy of the archive information was determined from documents, records and individuals. If you have further information or conflicting information please contact the Carroll County Historical Museum.
  • These images are scanned as is and do not represent the size or quality of the originals. Professional quality reproductions are available from the Carroll County Historical Museum for a fee. To get a price quote or order reproductions call 765-564-3152, or e-mail
  • The Carroll County Historical Museum makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of these electronic resources.

Date Range:  Mid-1800s to present

Updated:  Master database and online database: daily

Includes:  Photos with descriptions from the Carroll County Historical Museum's collection. The database is searchable on major fields. It currently includes over 15,000 photos and is growing daily. 

Software Requirements:  IBM compatible with Windows 98 or greater, or Macintosh with OS8 or greater. Netscape 4.5 or Internet Explorer 4 or greater. Be sure JavaScriptTM is enabled in your Web browser

Searching the Database:  Click on "Enter Database" to access the CCHS Instant Web Portal. This will take you to the main search page. A search will yield up to 25 matching items per page. Click on your "back" arrow to return to this page.


Imagecontains the image number in the master database. Useful in ordering reproductions.
Descriptive Title
A brief description of the image.
Name of person who took the photo.
Date photo was created.
List of relevant keywords to aid in searching.
Material Type
Type of item – glass plate, photo, newspaper, postcard, etc.
Dimensions of original.
Where the photo was taken—not necessarily the subject of the photo.
Comments on general condition of original.
Additional notes, description of image.

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