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The mission of the Carroll County Historical Society is to acquire and preserve the History and Genealogy of Carroll County, Indiana, and promote the understanding of the Region, State and Nation. To convey and teach the significance of Carroll County, Indiana’s history to children and adults with exhibits, programs, research, and genealogy.


Easter Egg Hunt, ca 1974

In November 1967, the Carroll County Historical Society petitioned and received control of the museum and have operated it since then. Displays were cleaned, organized and items recorded, and the museum was prepared for visitation. Mrs. Don Moore, a member of the Executive Board, was appointed Curator, and under her guidance the museum has continued to grow and become an active part of our community.

Realizing that the room the Museum occupied was not nearly large enough, the officers and the executive board began to look around for new quarters. A proposal was made and accepted by the County to have the "old assembly room" in the courthouse repaired and made the new home for the museum. 

In 2016, the board purchased the Stone Barn from the City of Delphi and moved the museum from the courthouse. Since then, several renovations have taken place at the Stone Barn, and more are planned.

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Pletcher Hardware Store, ca 1920

During the early part of the 1900s many things were being done in Carroll County - among them a new modern courthouse was built; a historical society formed; and through their efforts a room for a museum was established in the courthouse. A call was issued to the people to bring in items that were relevant to our history and heritage. It is very apparent that the response was highly successful; as many of the items are on display today.

In the 1920s, this one project alone helped to preserve many items that would have otherwise been lost or destroyed. When the first Historical Society ceased to be active, the museum was closed for periods of time. During the 1930s and early 1940s the W.P.A. sponsored through the Indiana Historical Bureau, such projects as the museum.

At that time Mr. Andrew Fogelsong was Curator. Later, Mrs. Dora Thomas Mayhill, local historian, assisted and opened the museum for visitation. As the years passed the museum remained closed except for occasional openings on Old Settler's Day and upon personal requests. With no Historical Society to oversee the museum, it came under the guardianship of the County Commissioners. Years flew by, and the museum was still closed; and then in the 1960s Gamma Gamma Nu Sorority cleaned and organized the museum and had it open for at least two occasions.

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The Carroll County Historical Society is in the historic Peirce Stone barn which was constructed by James Peirce for his road building equipment in 1904 on what was called his “Battle Axe” property. According to the local press it was to be 40X60 and of stone. Mr. Peirce built iron bridges and roads in Carroll County as well as the belt line railroad. His father, Peter Peirce came from Ireland and hauled materials for early railroad construction. Other uses of this unique structure have included a boat factory, storage building,  headquarters of a trucking firm, a roofing company, the senior citizen center, and would you believe---a place for smoking hams! Along with the Stone Barn is a small park with playground equipment ideal for small children. An open picnic shelter with tables is also included.

Pierce Barn, ca 1904


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