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Delphi, Then and Now - 402 South Washington St, 1891

This is the only building left at the original site of the Delphi Lumber Company. It was built as a planing mill just after the end of the Civil War by celebrated local builder & architect C.A. McClure and his cousin Henry S. McClure. After C.A. McClure died in 1878 the McClure lumber yard passed on to Henry's son Henry B. McClure and son-in-law Matthew Sterling, who greatly expanded the business onto several adjacent lots.

In 1902 a massive fire burned all of the wood frame buildings on the lot. Sustained, heroic efforts from townsfolk through the night prevented the fire from consuming this brick structure and all the lumber stored on the surrounding lots. The company moved to the Commercial Club addition on the newly-built Belt Line the following year.

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Candi Harrison
Candi Harrison
5 days ago

I have seen that old photo of the lumber company many times and never put 2 and 2 together that it was the building across from the Body Works. Duh. Thank you so much for enlightening me!

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