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CCHM Newest Exhibit - A Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

One of the Carroll County Historical Museum's new upstairs exhibits is a Mid-Century model kitchen.

Assembled over the winter by museum volunteers, this display contains numerous objects with connections to Indiana.

This week we'll feature some of these familiar kitchen items. Let's begin with...

The Mouli Grater

We all know the Mouli grater because of one Indiana man's European adventures during World War II.

Joseph Varkala of Michigan City, Indiana, first went to France in 1940 as a representative of the ARMCO Steel Corporation of Middletown, Ohio. As luck would have it, his arrival coincided with the invasion and subsequent occupation of France by Germany. While in occupied France Varkala met and married his life-long partner, Francois Mertz, then proceeded to smuggle Francois out of France through Spain. While this all transpired Varkala somehow managed to establish numerous business contacts, notably with Moulin Legumes, S.A., the maker of the Mouli grater.

With an import/distribution deal in hand, Varkala returned to the US after the war and in 1948 created the Mouli Manufacturing Corporation. The Mouli grater was initially the company's only product. Americans loved the Mouli and soon these novel kitchen gadgets were commonplace in kitchens across the country. Varkala went on to further success bringing French commerce and industry to the US.

The Carroll County Historical Society Museum's exhibits are open March to December.

Tuesday 9am-4pm

Thursday 9am-4pm

Friday 9am-4pm

We're located at 700 N Washington St, next door to the Wabash and Erie Canal Park

Our phone number is 765-564-5000

Visit us on the web:

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